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“We have met Sjouke just when we decided to buy a house in Amsterdam. And he was the one who made us familiar with the whole process and how it works. Sjouke introduced us to the right bank and guided us through negotiations, taxation, appraisal report, construction check etc. He also gave us precious insights in the Dutch market and managed to find the right people to make some changes to the property. Sjouke offered a 100%-service which we highly appreciated. We would definitely recommend his work and experience as it made our buying process smooth and successful.”

Alex Gilbert

Although buying a house in the Netherlands seems like a simple task, it might not be such one for an expat. Coordination of all professionals involved is the service for which he was hired, but if problem occurs like in my case with the mortgage advising company, you can definitely count on him for help!I hired a mortgage adviser who was not responsive and almost cost me the 10% bank guaranty for not presenting the documents needed in time. I can only say that without Sjouke’s dedication, not only that I wouldn’t been able to own a house, I would also probably suffer a financial lose.

Oded Joseph

I highly recommend Mr. Sjouke. I came to Netherlands during that time of year when it is most difficult to find housing but with his help I shifted into my new apartment within 2 weeks. He is committed to his work and is a really nice person. He even did many favours to me, which made my shifting hassle free and informed me of various rent benefits and he did not even charge for it.

Dipti Rai